Are Entrepreneur born or made

Entrepreneur is risk taker but question is entrepreneur does take risk or keep gun on someone else shoulder?

Simple Answer I heard from survey is “ALLLAH help entrepreneur” – “ALLAH make entrepreneur to whom ALLAH want to” – “Do not blame anyone if you are not born as entrepreneur just keep calm and wait for your turn”.

Summary of above answer is “Luck” is everything in business.

Entrepreneur is something which is not everyone wishes to become entrepreneur and it is not easy to achieve business leading position.

There are some points which you should know that how entrepreneur get successful – Everyone can become entrepreneur but very few people can become successful.

To become Entrepreneur this thing you should keep care of:

1) No blaming on others. Frustration is part of entrepreneur so control your frustration, no one is responsible for your frustration – you want to become entrepreneur not anyone else so why should shout or abuse or show frustration to others.

2) Right time make you right person, Delivery work on time.

3) Keep Good Friends in industrial field where you can get knowledge and information about market.

4) Hard working – there is no shortcut until unless you get ideas like Mark Zuckerberg or Time and ideas like Bill Gates.

5) Patience – Keep patience, Increase your business slowly.

6) Take responsibilities – Whatever Responsibilities you get make you better in entrepreneur

7) Travel make you learn – There is different type of people with different thoughts, Meet new people learn new thing.

8) Respect – Give respect to everyone – Clients, Friends, Family

9) Work at reasonable price – To much low price will make other business down and this is disadvantage – To much high price will make your client run to others.

10) No competition – Some people say there is too much competition in all business but what I think in start it is harder to survive in high competition so go for low competition – find market or place and right time where competition is low.

11) Keep learn and keep earn – Learn is best process to earn.

12) Keep donation at top – Successful entrepreneur known by giving donation.

Entrepreneur born or made ?

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