Whether respect or idea


Respect is very important in life – If you want to run business without respect it is harder to run business. If you want to make friends than no one come to you directly for friendship until unless you have enough reputation or until unless you have some mutual friends because many peoples don’t friendship with strange people. Important with you respect not only you have respect but your friends and family members also get respect. Respect is really harder to earn once we loss it.


Ideas always come on mind, If there is any machine to count ideas than i think daily or weekly one idea – But about good idea which comes maybe never because we make idea good or bad with hard work. Some ideas bring reputation and some experience, for building a good reputation you both need ideas and experience. A bad idea can work with good reputation but good idea is still harder to run without reputation.

Respect is important in business, if you have average idea and you have good reputation in market than your product can’t get fail, we have seen some examples in past that respect and reputation of company can help broken idea to come up.

Some point about idea:

Idea builds respect
Ideas to earn respect
Idea is also important part in business, until unless you don’t show any idea in market


Some point about earning respect:

Talk politely.
Giving favors to clients of exchange or return in company.
Complete commitment – Meet deadline of delivery.
Give respect and take respect
Investment in respect is not a bad idea – Invest as much you can, by giving time, Giving Proper response to all client, Fast response, Exchange gifts, Keep asking for health of customer and their family. Do not disturb customer to much wait for good time to talk with customer, Start talk with giving good wishes like Good Morning or if Muslim say Salam, And always say sir or madam until less client don’t ask you to call him by his name, Calling client with his/her name is not bad but it look like more friendly response than professional, Keep difference between friend and Client, Don’t mess with client, Always give favor to client. Saving respect deliver what clients ask. Never force or never give chance to client to go somewhere else, keep all products so client don’t get any chance to go somewhere else and if something client want which you don’t have than you should have some friends in industrial area so you can deliver that to client and in fast time

Avoid to safe respect:

False promises.
Abusing and disrespecting.
Saying something else and doing something else is also negative point.
In web development getting freelancer work is easy if you will say less deadline time to complete project but when deadline cross they take more day like this they loss reputation – Losing reputation is losing business,
Having expertise in some field is not mean you have enough respect or your expertise can’t cover respect so don’t show arrogance.

Ideas to earn money are many in market but earning respect is very less.

It is your choice to earn money or earn money with respect

Whether respect or idea?

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